Ferring's History

Ferring is not just the name of our family owned business, it is also a language that is spoken on the island of Föhr.  Ferring is a dialect, a minority language of Germany.  Past and current employees have emigrated from this island to pursue the American dream. 

Föhr is located off Germany's northwestern coast, in the North Sea.  Föhr can only be accessed by ferry.  Once you get off the ferry a sandy beach of about 15 km in length extends all along Föhr's southern shore and halfway up the western coast. 

Föhr is one of Germany's top tourist destinations.  In the summer Föhr is an extremely popular beach town.  Today, Föhr's economy is mainly dependent on tourism.  Also, agriculture, mainly pasture farming, plays an important role. 

Föhr is called "The Green Island" because its geography allows the land to be sheltered from dangerous storms.  Neighboring islands Sylt and Amrum protects the island, which allows Föhr's vegetation to thrive when compared to other islands. 

Back in the mid-19th century farmsteads did not provide a sufficient income for families.  During the war, times were tough. many people from Föhr chose to emigrate to North America.  There they settled mainly in California becoming chicken farmers, or in the New York City area where they established themselves in the delicatessen business.  Which allowed Ferring Deli to be born.