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Homemade Soups made Daily and Many Different Varieties!

Hot Soups

Split Pea with Ham

Beef Barley

Turkey Rice

Chicken Noodle

Tomato Tortellini

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Cream of Broccoli

Cream of Mushroom

Cream of Spinach

Chili and Beans

Bisques . . . Lobster, Shrimp & Crab

New England Clam Chowder

Small $2.99 

8 ounces

12 ounces

Medium $3.99 

16 ounces

Large $4.99 

Cold Soups Are Also Available Everyday.  Sizes For Cold Soups Include a Pint and a Quart.  A Pint is $4.99 And A Quart Is $8.99.  Call for Daily Availability! (516) 538-8655

All Prices Subject to Sales Tax - Prices Subject to Change Without Notice